Don't go for the ordinary. Get a website that interacts with your customers! Studies show that potential customers are likely to spend more time on your website if it engages them. With all the interactive websites like Youtube, the last thing your potential customers want to do is read through boring text.

Vevio's newest product,
Web Talk, delivers an engaging experience to your audiences using video. Make your website POP with cool video effects! Let a spokesperson describe your products and services to your customer.

Our competitors charge around $400 just for a 30-second spot! We think that is ridiculously overpriced. Our price for a 30-second spot is just $199.

Talking websites add interactivity to your website because the virtual spokesperson acts as a salesperson, pitching your website to its customers. You can choose either a spokesman or a spokesmodel to speak on your website.

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Talking Virtual Website Spokesperson